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PAPIRVEKT 188 09/ 350/900 GR. PR. M2


For measuring paper weights in grams per square meter

Made in Germany, guarantee 3 years

German craftmaship: Needle-bearing with a 1/100 g precision

The MAUL original. Unique mechanical paper scales

From the scales specialist with over 80 years of experience

Precision scale 0 to 350 g/m², master plate 10 x 10 cm

Rough scale 0 to 900 g/m², master plate 8 x 5 cm

Very stable: Cast-iron base, steel support, both with black varnish, height 26 cm

Brass plated sheet iron lever and pointer, Aluminium dial, master plates and control weight

Zero-positioning possible using screw

Varenummer: 218018809
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager

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